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Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game, $99.99 + $5 S&H

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Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game, $99.99 + $5 S&H
  • Condition: New
  • Products: 1 Philips amBX Gaming PC peripherals SGC5103BD Premium Kit, 1 Tom Clancy's HAWX Video Game for PC (Full Version)
And Don't Sue Us If You Have A Seizure While Playing GTA Four

We know what it's like. People don't understand.

They took your friend out to dinner when his wife left him, but they just laughed when you tried to talk about the end of Shadow Of The Colossus. They pinned a medal on that quiet marine down the block, but when you asked him if he unlocked all the Force powers they treated you like a child. Gaming might be the highest form of art that the world has ever created, yet people still act like there's nothing to be learned from you.

Well, a properly programmed Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit is going to change their minds. Just imagine how they're going to feel when you can describe how a headcrab attack can change the delicate light of an Arizona sunset. Imagine that look of respect in your great-grandfather's eyes as you explain the way the wind felt on the day Normandy was liberated. You won't be an overgrown child. You'll be a poet.

And if you want to experience Tattooine? As long as you have open USB ports, you have room for another Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit. 12 ports? 12 lights! Make your gaming system look like the front of a semi truck! In fact, just to help you out, we've got some extra lights for sale.

Your lighting can have a palette of over sixteen million colors. Your fans can have variable speeds. Your vibrating wrist rest... well, it's either vibrating or not vibrating, but the two motor drives can make it really intense. Hook it up to a punching game and you'll be able to describe the feeling of a real mano-a-mano slap fight!

Best of all, installation is a challenge all by itself. At least that's what you'll tell those mundanes. The reality is that, for a person who once spent weeks solving dumb puzzles just to find a Chocobo egg, it'll be a snap. Just head to amBX's site and download the software, ignoring the software that comes in the box. They call that lateral thinking, see. Maybe it reminds you of the time you beat Psycho Mantis.

But why stop at gaming? Because that's not all the Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit can do. You can use amBX Creator to assign effects to regular Windows events. A refreshing gust of wind when an email arrives. A blinding flash of white light when someone opens your "secret" folder. A rolling rumble each time your best friend logs onto chat. Combine that with amBX Illuminate toc keep your lights lit in any color you want. It'll make a messy corn chip filled room into a pit of ultimate passion.

But it doesn't stop there. If you're looking to prove you understand global politics, you can test out the included copy of Tom Clancy's Hawx for PC. Not a demo, not a trial, this full copy of Hawkz is set in the mean, gritty future of just five years from now. The world's governments have collapsed, and all we have left are private armies. Imagine how happy you'll be, knowing that you didn't have to spend fifty dollar on that! Remember, after just twenty minutes of gameplay you'll be qualified to be a guest on the Lou Dobbs Show, and when you finish, you'll be ready for your own half hour slot on Fox News.

Stand up and admit it: your broken-hearted roomie can find another girlfriend, but there was only one Aeris. Stop letting them tell you what you feel just doesn't matter. Move yourself a step closer to The Singularity with the power behind the Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit. One day they'll say you were just ahead of your time.

Warranty: 1 Year Philips Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty

  • Surround your senses by synchronizing the in-game action with light, color, sound, vibration and air effects to provide incredible gaming immersion
  • Feel wind against your skin as you steer around a hairpin turn at breakneck speed; sense atmospheric lighting at the edge of your vision while darting through a claustrophobic cave; feel vibrations that increase as an enemy crawls up behind you
  • Advanced lighting system capable of 16 million colors delivers instant response and reaction as the game happens
  • Feel every explosion, shot or kick as you play, through the slim line, game activated wrist rumble pad
  • Everything from a gentle sea breeze to a helicopter gun ship approaching can be simulated by the two 5000 RPM desk top fans
  • Not just for video games, the system responds to your choice of music and floods your room with a stunning coordinated light show. Alternatively you can change the mood of any room with a single color or series of lighting effects
  • Set your own lighting sequences with the speed, color and intensity controls in the easy-to-use interactive software
  • Easy-to-use configuration manager enables a stress free set up. Simply indicate where you've placed the products around your room and the configuration manager will set the perfect level for each product
  • Compatible with almost all existing and new games with immersive light effects created by your Philips amBX system
  • Click here to see the list of tested games
  • The amBX team works closely with game developers to ensure games have amBX effects embedded during development, users can still experience amBX effects in synchronisation with existing content, ensuring backward compatibility
  • Plug and play USB interface
  • Multidirectional sound with 160W music power
Additional Photos: Specifications:
  • Wall washer and controller: High power RGB LED array X 3, Devices inputs and outputs, Power on/off LED indicator
  • Right speaker light: 2 X 2' drivers, LED array X 1, Power on/off LED indicator, Light intensity control, Volume control
  • Left speaker light: 2 X 2' drivers, LED array X 1
  • Integrated sound system: 2.1 system, 160 W music power, 2×40W speakers 80W subwoofer, Frequency 35 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • Fan: Up to 5,000 RPM 2 x 40 CFM fan, Variable speed control
  • Wrist rumbler: 2 Motor variable speed control
  • Minimum system requirements: WindowsXP™ SP2 or higher, Pentium 4 1.4GHz or equivalent, 512 MB memory, 150 MB free HDD space, One free USB port, Data - USB 2.0 compatible, PC audio soundcard stereo out
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